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Digestive Health

Support your horse's hindgut with pre and pribiotics.

Joint 6in1

Six standalone ingredients for joint health and integrity in one palatable supplement.

Hoof Health

Nourish your horse's hooves to help protect against dry weather.

A Supplement As Unique as Your Horse Is

We know that every horse is unique and has different nutritional needs. BarnIQ® has eliminated the need for separate buckets or cumbersome strips. Simply take our quiz for a product recommendation, or build your own single-serving Fresh Packs in less than 5 minutes - it's that easy.


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Joint Fresh Packs

Phytocare Organic Hemp

Horse + Rider Joint & Muscle Liniment


Helping Horses Succeed Since 1946

Formula 707 was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of animal feed. It operates today, as it has for most of its existence, from the town of LaSalle, Colorado, in a rich agricultural region, about an hour north of Denver.