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Poor quality hooves can lead to eventual lameness, and the condition of a horse’s hooves are an indication of your horse’s overall health and nutritional state. Each serving of Formula 707 Hoof Health contains D-biotin (a B-vitamin vital to hoof health), DL-methionine and L-lysine (essential amino acids), plus minerals calcium, phosphorus, zinc methionine complex, and proteinated manganese and copper to maximize bio-availability. All of these nutrients are blended in a base of yeast culture, dried distilled grains and rice hulls, making Hoof Health the most balanced product of its kind. You’ll see results in just a few weeks, and dramatic improvements in just a few months.







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  • Ingredients

Feed 1 scoop (1 oz.) daily as top dressing on feed for the average 1,100 lb horse. For Hoof Fresh Packs, provide one (1) pack (1 oz.) daily.

Comprehensive Ingredients Table
Component % PPM / mg./lb.
Crude Protein (minimum) 18
Crude Fat (minimum) 3
Crude Fiber (maximum) 18
MINERALS (minimum)
Calcium (Ca) min. 10.00% 1,000 PPM
Calcium (Ca) max. 60.00% 6,000 PPM
Phosphorus (P) 50.00% 5,000 PPM
Potassium (K) 0.85% 8,500 PPM
Manganese (Mn) 11.60% 1,160 PPM
Copper (Cu) 6.80% 680 PPM
Zinc (Zn) 71.00% 7,100 PPM
VITAMINS (minimum)
Pyridoxine 800 mg./lb.
Biotin 235 mg./lb.
Choline 250 mg./lb.
AMINO ACIDS (minimum)
DL-Methionine 5.66% 25,696 mg./lb.
L-Lysine 1.68% 7,627 mg./lb.

Yeast Culture, Corn Distillers' Dried Grains with Solubles, Roughage Products, Cane Molasses, Zinc Methionine, D-Biotin, Dextrose, DL-Methionine, L-Lysine, Manganese Proteinate, Artificial Flavoring, Copper Proteinate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Manganese Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Choline Chloride. 

Comprehensive hoof care that works from the inside-out

Maintaining healthy hooves is a critical concern for every horse owner. Cracked, brittle, or weak hooves can lead to discomfort and even serious mobility issues for your horse. Formula 707 Hoof Health pellets are specifically formulated to address these common hoof health problems, providing a reliable solution that supports hoof strength and resilience from within.


Formula 707 works internally to promote healthy hoof growth and repair. By targeting the root causes of poor hoof health, this supplement ensures that your horse's hooves are not just superficially improved, but fundamentally stronger and more durable.


Incorporating these pellets into your horse's daily diet can lead to noticeable improvements in hoof condition, reducing the likelihood of cracks and splits, and enhancing overall hoof integrity. This comprehensive approach means fewer hoof-related issues, less downtime, and more active, happy days for your horse.


Trust in Formula 707 Hoof Health pellets to provide the essential support your horse needs for optimal hoof health, delivering results you can see and your horse can feel.

Powerful ingredients working together for optimal hoof health

Formula 707 Hoof Health pellets blend essential nutrients to promote strong, healthy hooves from the inside out. These ingredients, including vital nutrients like biotin and zinc, work synergistically to enhance keratin production, support protein metabolism, and improve nutrient absorption, fortifying the hoof wall and fostering healthy growth.


Biotin, known for its role in keratin production, strengthens the hoof structure, while zinc supports enzyme function essential for hoof health. Together, these ingredients address the foundational elements of hoof strength and resilience.

What makes Formula 707 Hoof Health better than other hoof care options?

1. Comprehensive Nutritional Support

Formula 707 Hoof Health pellets provide a balanced blend of essential nutrients, including biotin, zinc, and more, addressing multiple aspects of hoof health from within. This comprehensive approach ensures thorough support for strong, resilient hooves.

2. Scientifically Formulated Ingredients

Each ingredient in Formula 707 is carefully selected based on scientific research and proven effectiveness in promoting hoof strength and health. This ensures that your horse receives the highest quality nutritional support for optimal hoof condition.

3. Proven Results

With regular use, Formula 707 Hoof Health pellets deliver noticeable improvements in hoof condition, reducing the risk of cracks, splits, and other common hoof problems. Horses supplemented with Formula 707 often exhibit stronger, healthier hooves, leading to enhanced overall performance and wellbeing.

4. More "Bang for Your Buck"

Manufactured in-house, Formula 707 Hoof Health pellets offer a cost-effective solution for maintaining hoof health. No paying for a middleman. With affordable pricing per serving without compromising quality or ingredients, you can ensure your horse receives top-quality nutritional support without breaking the bank.

Loved by thousands of horses and their people.

Formula 707 is the trusted choice of thousands of horse owners globally. From various disciplines and all ages, our community values the special connection that horses and humans have. We prioritize the health and happiness of your horse by formulating our supplements in collaboration with experienced veterinarians. Produced in our equine-exclusive facility, our products are tested for purity and potency. With Formula 707, you're choosing proven quality for your equine partner.

What to expect with Formula 707 Hoof Health

Initial Phase (0-3 Months)

Early signs of improvement like a shinier coat and new growth at the coronet band. Nutrients begin repairing and strengthening hooves. Sole growth increases.


Midway Phase (3-6 Months)

Noticeable healthier hoof growth halfway down. Reduced cracks and brittleness. Overall hoof structure begins to improve.

Significant Phase (6-9 Months)

Majority of hoof wall is new & healthy. Enhanced structural integrity and resilience, reducing risk of splits and breaks.

Full Growth (9-12 Months)

Complete transformation with a robust, healthy hoof. Optimal hoof health achieved, providing lasting durability and comfort for your horse.


Essential for keratin formation, biotin strengthens hoof structure, reducing the risk of cracks and splits.

Vitamin B6

Aids in protein metabolism and red blood cell production, contributing to overall hoof vitality.


Supports protein synthesis and tissue repair, promoting healthy hoof growth and strength.


Supports enzyme function crucial for hoof health, promoting strong and resilient hooves.


Facilitates fat metabolism and nutrient absorption, ensuring optimal hoof health from within.


Vital for keratin production and structural integrity, methionine helps prevent hoof issues and promotes hoof health.

Certified by the National Animal Supplement Council

Spot the Quality Seal on products, indicating our commitment to rigorous NASC audits, ensuring high standards and responsible sourcing.

This Product is Show-Safe

This product contains no ingredients that are listed as prohibited, and additionally has been used by customers in major federations without issue. (If you'd like to double check, please reach out to your respective federation!)

Real Support

Want help with your order, or have general questions? Our live, Colorado-based Customer Support team is here to answer any questions you may have. Simply email us at info@formula707.com or call at 970-284-5575 (M-F, 8am-5pm MST). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Great results

My gelding’s hooves used to break and crumble, requiring shoes to hold them together. Since starting him on this product, he’s been barefoot and sound!


Amazing product for my horse! We have been using this hood supplement for 2 years and it has really helped improve our girls hoofs!

Mallory S

This product was night and day difference for my horses hooves.

Richard Stasche

We have either wet or dry conditions - so I am using this to help keep their feet in top condition

Julie C.

I switched from FF double strength when their price increased by 20%. So far the horses are eating this just fine, but it will take months to see if there is any difference in hoof health, but no complaints on taste.

Julie C.

I switched from FF double strength when their price increased by 20%. So far the horses are eating this just fine, but it will take months to see if there is any difference in hoof health, but no complaints on taste.

Patrick Swan

Again, helps our aging mares and their hooves in our dry climate.


I've been giving my mare HOOF Health for about 4 years now. In that time her feet have improved. My farrier of 6 years says her feet are the best he's ever seen them. This supplement along with a lot of movement has been wonderful for my mare.

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