Comprehensive equine nutrition made simple.

Formula 707 Professional is trusted by some of the industry's best. Our formulas are ready to support every type of horse - from champions on the racetrack to pleasure horses.  Each Combo Pack contains a unique blend of our most popular formulas at targeted potencies for the greatest results.

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A Perfect Fit for Equine Industry Professionals

Have client horses with varying needs? Need a simple solution that adds no additional headache to the million things you already do, running your business? Our Formula 707 Professional's program provides a unique solution that supports you and the successes of the horses under your care.

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Meet Our Most Popular Combo

Pro Edge provides a comprehensive solution for all types of horses. With our multivitamin, hoof, digestive, gastric, joint, and skin & coat care - you can be assured that your horse is getting well-rounded nutrition. Hundreds of top horses excel with just one pack per day.

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Looking for Joint Support?

Give your horse the ultimate joint care with our High Impact formula – perfect for both elite athletes and those facing joint health challenges. Boasting a double dose of our potent joint blend, coupled with essential multivitamins, hoof care, and digestive support, it's an excellent choice for comprehensive equine well-being.

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Looking for Muscle Support?

For top-tier equine athletes, especially those in the racing industry, our Next Stage formula is the go-to solution. Whether you prefer the convenience of Combo Daily Packs or to purchase in Bulk, this unique blend offers muscle support, multivitamins, hoof care, digestive aid, and joint support in one powerful package.

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Looking for Calming Support?

Experience the magic of our renowned calming formula, designed to make a significant impact on horses of all kinds. Teamed up with our potent hemp formula and gastric care, your horse will benefit from a holistic approach to achieving a more balanced demeanor. Note that this formula is not show-safe for most federations, given the CBD content.

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Want Expert Equine Nutrition Help?

No need to worry if you're unsure of which products to use! We're here to help. Simply reach out to our office or one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for a customized equine nutrition consult.

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