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Formula 707 ULZERless® provides natural support for the stomach lining to help maintain a healthy gastric system and support normal digestive function. Every hour, the parietal cells lining a horse’s stomach secrete more than six cups of concentrated acid. When horses can’t graze at will — and many horses can’t — the acid production in their stomach doesn’t stop.

Particularly for horses in high-stress training and performance situations, high-energy feed is quickly consumed and quickly digested, which means that, long after the stomach has emptied, the acid continues to flow. This can lead to ulcerations of the stomach lining and poor appetite — not to mention diminished performance and meager general condition. ULZERless is an effective combination of ingredients to aid digestion and ease the effects of acid on the stomach lining.

Just two ounces of Formula 707 ULZERless twice a day will maintain a healthy gastric system and help keep horses in top condition.

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Loved by thousands of horses and their people.

Formula 707 is the trusted choice of thousands of horse owners globally. From various disciplines and all ages, our community values the special connection that horses and humans have. We prioritize the health and happiness of your horse by formulating our supplements in collaboration with experienced veterinarians. Produced in our equine-exclusive facility, our products are tested for purity and potency. With Formula 707, you're choosing proven quality for your equine partner.

This Product is Show-Safe

This product contains no ingredients that are listed as prohibited, and additionally has been used by customers in major federations without issue. (If you'd like to double check, please reach out to your respective federation!)

Real Support

Want help with your order, or have general questions? Our live, Colorado-based Customer Support team is here to answer any questions you may have. Simply email us at info@formula707.com or call at 970-284-5575 (M-F, 8am-5pm MST). 

Customer Reviews

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Tsaheylu farm
I have two of my horses on this

The taste seems great as my horses get very little grain and they can taste anything I add. Plus both my horses are going better than they ever have before. I will add that they get succeed as well to compliment Ulzerless and get the entire digestive track functioning well.

William S.

Been using for years - no colic, no problems. Highly recommend.

Diane K.

Works as it should. Price is reasonable. Always produce top products


Gave me by horse back! He is a homebred and has always been so willing and kind, then he started to shift and within a 6 month period if anyone got on and asked for more than a walk he'd get PISSED and threaten to buck them off, to buck me off! He was polite enough to threaten but a few times he did throw in the bucks and he was really unridable. Going from a nice dressage horse who could jump a 3ft course and do trail- to angry at any request given under saddle! I saw another horse get better on this product so tried it for mine and with in two weeks he was feeling good, now a few months in that's all like a bad dream. Poor guy was def in pain and I am so glad I found Ulzerless to help! Photos are recent after he started feeling better- he's still fat from being out of work for over a year- but he's happy.


I have two horses on this continuously and you can tell if they are not! Outstanding product that works!

William Simonds

Been feeding for years and my horses have never had gastrointestinal problems.

Rico J.

Haven't used it very long but it seems to be helping my big horse eat better after a tough train trip

Jen Lewis

So far so good. Just in the first month, but I notice less crankiness around feeding time.

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A Name That's Been Trusted for Over 75 Years

When a man named John Ewing started an equine supplement called "Formula 707" in the mid-20th century, there wasn't much consideration for the benefits of feed supplements in horses.

Today, we continue his legacy with a full line of innovative products to support every horse.