The Key Ingredient in D. Wayne Lukas’ Training Program

D. Wayne Lukas is one of the most successful horse trainers of all time, in a career spanning more than fifty years.  He climbed to the top of the Quarter Horse racing world, training 23 world champions. He then transitioned to thoroughbred racing where he has won four Kentucky Derbies, five Preakness Stakes and four Belmont Stakes and trained a world record 24 world champion thoroughbreds.  His 13 Triple Crown race victories are more than any other living trainer.  The Lukas stable has also won 19 World Championship Breeders Cup Races.

He is the first trainer to win over $100 million in purse money and the first to top the $200 million mark and currently is over a record $250 million in purse earnings.  In addition he won the world training title a record 14 times.   Lukas could supplement his horses with any product on the market.  Since the 1970s, Lukas says he has relied on Formula 707 Daily Essentials to provide for the nutritional needs of all the horses he has in training.

“I’ve been using Formula 707 since the 1970s, back in my early Quarter Horse days,” Lukas said. “We had a lot of good horses and they were all on Daily Essentials.  Over the years after trying a variety of products we settled in on 707 because I thought it gave us the best results, it’s just that simple.”

Lukas says they hand mix the feed on each of the 75-80 horses he has in training, and that each one receives what they need based on weight and condition.  “If we have one that seems like it’s getting a little light on us or we think that she might have a stomach problem or an ulcer, we use the GastroMx, but basically we keep everybody on the Daily Essentials all the time,” he said.

Horses on the Kentucky Derby trail and those in intense competition get more rigorous nutritional support, including Formula 707 Restore to help maintain electrolyte balance, and Formula 707 Competition Essentials for additional pulmonary support.

With the endorsement of Formula 707 products, Lukas has discovered some great new products he had not previously tried.  “One of these products that we’re having great success with is the Formula 707 Poultice,” Lukas said.  “We tried a sample on 2 horses that were having a little inflammation problem and found that we had better results than the product we were using.  I would say that 65-70 percent of race horses are done up in Poultice every day.  We do ours up daily.”

Consistent quality is what has kept D. Wayne Lukas sold on Formula 707.  “Formula 707 gives us good results on a daily basis.  Over the years we have had the opportunity to try literally over hundreds of products, but have found the quality of Formula 707 is unequaled.  We use them extensively and get great results day in and day out.  They do what they’re supposed to do.”