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Formula 707’s PhytoCare Hemp Pellets utilize broad spectrum hemp containing phytocannabinoids like CBD to support your horse’s overall health and well-being. With a guaranteed CBD content of 150mg per serving, PhytoCare Hemp Pellets provides support for equine joint health, while also supporting a healthy inflammatory response and aiding in the reduction of occasional joint discomfort.  Hemp also promotes relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness, allowing your horse to concentrate and focus on training. PhytoCare Hemp Pellets are sourced and manufactured in Colorado.  Each batch is independently tested by a third-party accredited laboratory for indicators of quality and safety – Phytocannabinoid Potency, ZERO Microcontaminants, ZERO Residual Solvents.  Formula 707’s manufacturing facility is NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) audited and certified.


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Committed to quality

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Premium Colorado-grown hemp

The broad spectrum hemp extract in PhytoCare Hemp Pellets is sourced from the largest, fully and vertically integrated producer of CBD products in the world.  Pellets are manufactured in our NASC-Audited and Certified facility in Colorado according to a strict set of manufacturing standards.

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Highly palatable formula

PhytoCare Hemp Pellets are highly palatable, even without the addition of sweet feed or grain.  We know that a supplement is only valuable when it is consumed, and blind taste tests indicate that 9 out of 10 horses will take this pellet straight out of your hand.

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Quality tested

Each batch of PhytoCare Hemp Pellets is independently tested by a third-party accredited laboratory for indicators of quality – Phytocannabinoid Potency – ZERO Microcontaminants – ZERO Residual Solvents.  You can be assured that your horse is receiving the phytocannabinoid content that is guaranteed on our label, without any fillers, contaminants, or dangerous additives.

Support your horse's joint mobility, healthy inflammatory response, and aid in the reduction of occasional joint discomfort

These broad spectrum hemp pellets provide at least 0.3% phytocannabinoids (50-60mg) of CBD to support healthy joint function.  Help your horse overcome joint stiffness and occasional discomfort with this potent phytocannabinoid formulation.  CBD can be extremely beneficial for senior horses, horses in training, or any horse who show joint discomfort.

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Support your horse's healthy nervous system function

Broad spectrum hemp containing CBD and other phytocannabinoids promotes relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness.  Use to help aid in the reduction of stress, travel issues and nervousness.  Help your horse relax and concentrate on his work or training.


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  1. Tippy F. (Verified Purchase)

    Helps take the edge off my barrel horse keeps his mind focused on his job at event’s

  2. Julie S. (Verified Purchase)

    I have a 30 yr old mare with laminitis and we’ve tried multiple products. This is the one that makes the difference and allows her to live around freely.

  3. Catherine Apicella (Verified Purchase)

    Great product for my aging donkey with laminitis

  4. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    707’s hemp pellets keep our old horses feeling good.

  5. Nicole (Verified Purchase)

    I bought this over a month ago for my horse that suffers severe sweet itch, my month supply is almost gone and he seems so much more happier, he is not down scratching his belly and kicking at it, seems more content, actually has fur on his mid line under his belly, when usually this time of year it is scratched off and open sores from itching so much. His mood is much more calmer and he is not so nervous even at the barrel races. I do admit he didn’t like the taste of it for the first couple of doses, but now he dosen’t mind it, he actually stays and eats it all before moving to next feeder and stealing the other horses oats that dosen’t have the Formula 707 Hemp Pellets in it. I also bought this for my geilding to help with inflamation, and hopefully ween him off a previcox.

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