Warmer Weather Reminders for Horse Owners

What area of the US are you in? Whether you are in the Northern half or the lower half of the Unites States, I think we can all agree that warmer weather is a GOOD thing! Memorial Day weekend is almost here and that means pools will open and summer will quickly be here.

But what else does it mean for many people around the world? It means that pleasant and warm horseback riding is upon us! It also means that thousands of children will be enjoying equestrian camps and competitions around the world. There are many advantages to warmer weather for horse owners, but there are also many precautions and changes that take place as extreme summer heat approaches.

What summer precautions do you take?

We’ve compiled a few quick reminders for you to get ahead of the heat. But until the super hot summer days get here, take the time to enjoy spring. What a beautiful time of year!

  • During warmer days, offer your horse frequent water breaks and put cool water on their legs to help cool them down.
  • Try to limit heavy activity to mornings and evenings with your horses.
  • Allow ventilation in the barn by leaving the door open as much as possible. The barn can become a scorching hot place.
  • Consider giving your horse added electrolytes to help restore lost minerals. Try Formula 707 Restore. Since many horses won’t drink water with electrolytes, Restore is a top-dressing for feed with a highly palatable yeast culture as its carrier. Electrolytes are not just meant for athletic horses.
  • Give your horse a trim! Keep your horse’s mane, coat and tail nice and trim. This will cut down on the heat.
  • Always remember to pay close attention to the way your horse is acting. If they are showing sings of distress, offer them a cool place and consider calling your veterinarian. Spray them down with cold water, starting with the feet and moving up to avoid shock. Remember that overheating can happen even when it’s not scorching hot outside. Just keep some of the above tips in mind.

Do you have any tips that were not mentioned above? Please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!