MultiFly Feed-Thru Fly Control

· Contains active ingredient Novaluron, which is an Insect Growth Regulator. This new-generation technology is 99.9% effective at breaking the fly life cycle to help eliminate the fly population in your barn.
· Unlike other brands, our active ingredient is not an organophosphate, and is completely safe for horses.
· Administer one serving of our alfalfa and wheat midd-based pellets to your horses daily with their feed.
· MultiFly is just as effective as other brands, at a lower daily cost to you.

"In three days there were no flies at my barn. Worked really well and very fast."

- Verified Amazon Customer

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Flies are not only a nuisance, but can transmit diseases to your horses. MultiFly Feed-Thru Fly Control is one of the most effective fly control solutions on the market, at the cost of only $0.36 per day per horse. This safe, pelleted formula provides 99.9% efficacy at breaking the fly life cycle in the manure of treated horses. Simply feed to your entire barn, and watch the fly population quickly shrink.


How It Works


Step 1: MultiFly is administered to each horse in the barn daily

It's important to feed every horse in your barn to see the best effects. Simply feed alone, or with grain. One scoop/day is sufficient for the average-sized horse.


Step 2: Horse eats MultiFly, and expels it all in their manure

The active ingredient in MultiFly, Novaluron, is a completely safe ingredient for horses. It is not absorbed by the horse, but rather is passed through the digestive tract, into the manure.


Step 3: Manure produced by horse is no longer a viable breeding ground for flies.

Fly eggs that are laid in treated manure will die before developing into flies.

Why use a feed-thru fly control?

1. Shrinks the overall fly population.

While fly sprays can be useful, and we recommend them being used in conjunction with MultiFly, they don't tackle the root of the problem. MultiFly helps cut down the overall number of flies, lessening your dependence on fly sprays.

2. Reduces the risk of fly-borne equine disease transmission.

Using fly spray alone can be a pain to apply to each horse daily. Even fly sprays that are longer-lasting can be affected by sweat, water, and dirt. MultiFly is as simple as a scoop/day with your horse's normal grain.

3. Easy to administer.

Flies can carry dieseases such as Pigeon Fever and Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). Fly control is an important piece of helping to protect your barn.

4. Makes a more enjoyable environment for you too!

No one like seeing their horse suffer from swarms of biting flies, but it's also not pleasant for you and anyone that is around your horses. MultiFly can help make your barn more pleasant for everyone who visits.


MultiFly breaks the fly life cycle so that adult flies can't form

"Makes a huge difference in the quantity of pesky flies in and around the barn. A definite must for a pleasant equine atmosphere."

- Jrt - Verified Amazon Customer

"This helped knock out a terrible fly problem. I am first time user, but this product worked great & faster then others I've used."

- Sharon Douglas - Verified Amazon Customer

"It's easy to use. Since the pellets are alfalfa and wheat midd-based, the horses gobble them up."

- Dean Family - Verified Amazon Customer

What is in MultiFly?

Novaluron is the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) used in MultiFly Feed-Thru Fly Control. All feed-thru fly control products on the market have an IGR. An IGR is an active ingredient that works to disrupt the normal life cycle of the insect.

Not all IGR's are created equal. Some IGR's used in feed-thru fly control products are organophosphates. Organophosphates are pesticides that are especially toxic to both mammals and insects.

Novaluron, on the other hand, is a minimal-risk IGR that is not an organophosphate. In a 2015 study, it was shown that Novaluron was 100% effective in preventing the development of house flies and stable flies in the feces of treated horses.

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  • Manufactured in-house

  • 100% safe

  • 99.9% effective at breaking the fly life cycle

  • Easy-to-feed pellets

  • No organophosphates

  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee

Identical in Efficacy to Farnam® Simplifly® at a lower daily cost.


This product is not manufactured or distributed by Farnam Companies Inc.®, the makers of Simplifly®. Simplifly is a registered trademark of Farnam Companies Inc®.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MultiFly less expensive than other feed-thru fly control products?

We manufacture MultiFly here in our own facility. Unlike other brands that have to pay a private manufacturer to produce their products, we are able to produce ourselves. The extra savings from this process are passed on to you! 

When is the best time of year to start feeding MultiFly?

It depends where you live. We recommend feeding a few weeks before you notice flies in the spring. You can start feeding it during fly season, but you may not see as dramatic of results.

Should I remove manure before I start using MultiFly?

Yes. We highly encourage customers to remove all manure from the premises. The goal is to eliminate any non-treated manure where flies could continue to breed. 

Is MultiFly safe?

MultiFly is made with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) called Novaluron. Novaluron is extremely safe.

Can I feed this to other species?

MultiFly was made specifically for horses. While Novaluron is known as a safe ingredient for most mammals, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian for further advice.

What insects does MultiFly target?

MultiFly has been proven effective at breaking the fly life cycle of house and stable flies.

How does this compare to garlic-based products?

Garlic-based supplements for fly control are targeted at only repelling the flies from the horse as its absorbed into the horse. They do nothing for reducing the overall fly population. It is also argued that garlic has insufficient efficacy claims.

MultiFly works by breaking the fly life cycle of flies in the manure of treated horses, thus reducing the overall population. MultiFly is not absorbed into the horse, and does not inherently act as a repellent to the horse itself.

I have a smaller/larger than average horse, how much should I feed?

We base our serving sizes off of the average 1100 lb horse. You can adjust these servings up/down proportionately to fit your horse. For instance, a 500 lb pony would receive about half a normal serving per day. A larger draft horse would receive 1 1/2 per day. There's no risk if you're not perfect with your serving size adjustments!

How does this compare to Simplifly®?

Both products are identical in efficacy and safety. However, MultiFly is significantly less, at $0.33 per day, versus $0.46/day for a 10 lb bucket of Farnam Simplifly®.

For horse owners who are currently using Simplifly®and would like to switch over to MultiFly, it is safe to do that immediately.

What if I don't see the results I was looking for?

If you aren't happy with the results of MultiFly, simply reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to make it right with our 100% 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

How do I get free shipping?

To get free shipping, spend $70 or more in a single purchase, and it will automatically be applied!

If I sign up for autoship, can I change or cancel anytime?

Yes - you can change or cancel your autoship anytime by logging into your account, or reaching out to us.

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  1. Very very pleased with this product. Flies in Florida started out horrible this year. After two weeks there is an incredible difference. I’ve already recommended to some friends.

  2. So far so good!! I’m impressed!! Thank you!! We’ll see if it continues!! Thanks!!

  3. The customer service and advice I received from this company to assist with the use of this product is amazing!

  4. I’m on my 3rd bucket and so far really good glad I found this

  5. I have 5 horses and have been using this product for a little over a week. I have not seen a fly in several days! Great job 707!

  6. So far very happy with product. Quick delivery and about 2 weeks into use. I am definitely seeing a large decrease in fly population. Thank you

  7. Haven’t used it that long but it looks like it is working.

  8. My barn is fly free and we’re seeing a difference out in the paddock as well

  9. All livestock find it palatable. Fly population is 20% or less than previous years. But we have neighbors we cannot control – darn it

  10. So far so good! A lot less flies than in prior years, and hoping to see continual improvement and control.

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