New Look, Same Everything

We're excited to announce our new packaging! With a new look, we are reducing plastic waste and still delivering our products as fresh as ever. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing the packaging?

There are a couple of reasons why! First and foremost, we wanted to update our designs to be a bit more clear and identifiable for our customers when they're shopping. Additionally, switching from buckets to bags reduces plastic waste.

Have the formulas changed?

No - everything is the same! We're still the same company, same staff, same mission to help horses succeed since 1946.

Are the serving sizes any different?

No - serving sizes and product details are all remaining the same!

Are some products still offered in buckets or jars?

Yes, at the moment we still have some products (Fresh Packs) that are offered in buckets. For our Formula 707 Professional customers, you may also purchase a bucket to store your Combo Daily Packs in.

I received my order with "old" packaging - should I be worried?

No, not at all! We are transitioning our products the best we can, but we still have some existing buckets to use before we transition fully to the new bags! So receiving a bucket does not mean that your product is old. 

We are also working diligently to update our other retailers with products in new packaging and new imagery for our online partners.