Cooler Weather Picks


Prepare Your Horse for the Winter Months with Our Specialized Supplements

Winter can be a challenging time for our equine companions, with cold temperatures and inclement weather taking a toll on their health. To ensure your horse stays healthy and happy throughout the winter, consider incorporating our specialized supplements into their diet. These supplements have been carefully formulated to address the unique needs of horses during cold weather, providing vital support to keep them in top condition.

Calming Pellets: Keep Winter Stress at Bay

Winter can bring about changes in routine, increased stall time, and other factors that may contribute to stress in horses. Our Calming Pellets, enriched with Magnesium, L-Tryptophan, and Thiamine, help horses maintain a calm and composed demeanor. These pellets are a great solution to manage anxiety and restlessness during the winter months, ensuring your horse stays relaxed and content.

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Hoof Health Pellets: Nourish from the Ground Up

The Hoof Health Pellets are a vital component of your horse's winter care regimen. Packed with Biotin, B6, Lysine, Vitamins, and essential Minerals, these pellets promote strong and resilient hooves. In cold weather, your horse's hooves are at greater risk of becoming brittle and prone to cracks. By providing them with the nutrients they need, you can help maintain hoof health even when the ground freezes.

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Joint 6-in-1 Pellets: Support Mobility and Comfort

As the temperatures drop, your horse's joints can become stiffer and more prone to discomfort. Our Joint 6-in-1 Pellets, featuring MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, bromelain, collagen, and Green Lipped mussel, offer comprehensive support for joint health. By providing these supplements, you can help your horse move with ease and remain active even in the coldest weather.

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Digestive Support Pellets: Maintain Optimal Gut Function

Our Digestive Health Pellets are a crucial addition to your horse's winter diet. These pellets are meticulously formulated to provide the necessary support for your horse's digestive system. They contain essential ingredients like probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes that help maintain a balanced gut flora, ensuring your horse can efficiently absorb nutrients.

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