Why Do YOU Love Horses?

Why Do YOU Love Horses?

Has anyone ever asked you why you love horses? Perhaps it was someone who doesn’t ride, own or come into contact with horses on a regular basis. Maybe it was someone who hasn’t ever sat astride one of these beautiful creatures. Whether is was someone that knows horses – truly knows them – or not, what was your response? A fellow blogger and friend recently talked about the weather and the work that her horses required during the colder months. It’s hard work being a horse owner and a horse for that matter. It’s no surprise that owning one or more horses can be quite the undertaking, so what keeps us going? The big answer is this – if you are passionate about horses, it is not work. Instead it is purpose, it is what drives you and the “work” is what gives you emotional balance. There are days when changing water in cold weather, or cleaning up the melted spring mess is truly work. Instead of going to the gym to work off stress or remove yourself from the weight of everyday life, you spend time with your horse. Here are a few reasons we couldn’t live without them:

There’s something inspirational about being around horses. You can simply look at a horse and be in awe and in love. It might be their size, beautiful big eyes, or the way they stand so proud and strong on all fours. Being around a horse can put you at ease.

Horses are motivational. When you’re around a horse, there’s just something that makes you want to be a better person. They make you want to try harder whether in the ring or the barn. Once you’ve felt the power of being in the presence of these amazing creatures, it’s hard to imagine your life without them.

Being a horse owner is a way of life. It’s much different from having a dog or a cat (they are great, too, don’t get me wrong). When you have horses it becomes a part of your everyday life: who you are, where you go, what hobbies you partake in, the clothes you wear, and what organizations you are a member of. Your life quickly becomes about being a horse owner.

Horses make you feel free. Riding horses and truly understanding these powerful creatures make you feel a sense of freedom. Don’t you feel unrestricted when your sitting on a horse with the feeling of his back swaying under the saddle? The way your legs feel, sturdy along his rib cage. The way you feel entering the ring with your best friend right there with you. It’s simply amazing and exhilarating!

And that’s only a few reasons to love horses!

Tell us why you love horses in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.
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