The Pre Purchase Exam

Woman in scrubs listing to horse's gut sounds A veterinarian can provide an un-biased opinion on your potential horse's soundness, demeanor, and suitability for your intended purpose for purchasing the horse.
Pre-purchase exams, also known as prepurchase exams or PPEs, are a crucial step in the process of buying a horse. These exams are designed to provide potential buyers with important information about the health and soundness of the horse they are considering purchasing. Pre-purchase exams are typically performed by a veterinarian, who will conduct a thorough physical examination of the horse. This may include a visual examination, as well as a range of tests and procedures to assess the horse's overall health and condition. During a pre-purchase exam, the veterinarian will typically check the horse's eyes, teeth, and hooves. They may also listen to the horse's heart and lungs, and check for any signs of lameness or other abnormalities. In addition to the physical examination, the veterinarian may also recommend a range of other tests and procedures, depending on the horse's age and history. These may include x-rays, ultrasound exams, and laboratory tests to check for the presence of diseases or other conditions. It's important to note that pre-purchase exams are not a guarantee of the horse's health or soundness. They are simply a tool to help potential buyers make an informed decision about the horse they are considering purchasing. If you are thinking about buying a horse, it's important to have a pre-purchase exam performed by a veterinarian. This can help you identify any potential health or soundness issues, and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Overall, pre-purchase exams are an essential part of the horse-buying process, and can provide valuable information about the health and soundness of the horse you are considering purchasing.
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