Barn IQ – Equine Supplements Simplified

Barn IQ – Equine Supplements Simplified

The equine supplement industry has come a long way in the past 30 years. There are now supplements for every possible type of horse health issue. The packaging for equine supplements has typically been buckets, bags and plastic containers of all sizes. These containers take up valuable barn and trailer space and cause extra work when taking supplements on the road. Fortunately, equine supplement packaging has evolved. One such advance is personalized packaging in small plastic containers with each supplement separated in a small square and the entire menu of supplements covered by a peel back label. This type of packaging was launched on the market twenty years ago. While the small plastic box personalization was an improvement, the leftover plastic packaging is bulky and fills up garbage cans, recycling bins or landfills. In cold temperatures, the peel back label doesn’t come off easily and can make dispensing the supplements a real chore.

Finding The Right Equine Supplement

So what’s the latest and greatest in equine supplements? Barn IQ Fresh Packs by Formula 707 are the answer. The first steps with Barn IQ are the seamless and simple ordering process. Access, click on View Process. Next, scroll down to + Add Your Horse To Barn IQ, click. From there you will be taken through a quick process of setting up your horse, choosing your supplements and ordering. Unsure of what supplements your horse needs? After you load your horse’s photo, take the health and wellness quiz. The results will give you guidance on what supplements your horse will benefit from. Barn IQ Fresh Packs are designed with many user-friendly benefits. First, they are easy to use. Dispensing your horse's supplement mix is mess and waste-free. Once you receive your customized Fresh Packs in the personalized bucket, you simply take a packet out, tear it open and feed to your horse. Even with gloves on the Fresh Packs are quick to tear open. This easy feeding method ensures minimal product waste. The leftover packet is easy to stick in your pocket and throw away later. Portability of equine supplements is an important factor for those traveling frequently with their horses. Have you ever loaded up for an event and just as you’re pulling away you realize you forgot your horse’s supplements? Jump out of your truck, go to the barn and grab your packs. Stick them in your pockets and toss them on the seat. No bulky buckets, plastic cubes or bags to deal with.

Why BarnIQ Equine Supplements?

Is your horse a picky eater? Barn IQ Fresh Packs have a reputation for being eagerly consumed by all horses. Formula 707 products are known for their great flavors and base ingredients that even picky horses will eat. Equally as important are the ingredient quality and NASC approval of Formula 707 equine supplements. Equine supplements can be expensive. An added bonus when purchasing Barn IQ Fresh Packs is the increase in savings with each added supplement – in other words the more components in your Fresh Packs, the greater the discount. With zero waste, premeasured packets and compounding discounts, Barn IQ supplements are affordable for all equine owners. Managers at big barns appreciate the simplistic and one step feeding of Barn IQ Fresh Packs. Barn IQ Fresh Packs come in a reusable bucket with your horse’s name and photo on the bucket. This unique branding for your horse ensures that your specialized supplement combination won’t be fed to the wrong horse. When you order Barn IQ supplements you choose the supplement support that your horses needs and Formula 707 creates your horses perfect Fresh Pack. Ready to save time and simplify your horse’s feeding regime? Order Barn IQ Fresh Packs today. Go to or call them at 800-525-8601, or email at
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