Why Horses are Great for Kids

Horses are gentle giants that can provide a number of positive qualities in a kid’s life. From leadership skills to companionship, these are just a few reasons that horses are great for kids.

Sense of Freedom

Horses give kids a sense of freedom. After a difficult day at school, they can saddle up and ride freely with their oversized, hoofed friend. This freedom gives them a sense of confidence that only a horse can provide. 


Horses also provide companionship for kids. The kind of companionship one can only find with an animal, especially a horse. This also teaches social skills, which helps them in school and when making friends. For instance, more children with more experience with horses can help children with less experience learn the “ropes.”

Positive Lifestyle Choices

As the child spends more time with their horse, they unknowingly are adopting a healthy, positive lifestyle. This keeps them out of the house and away from the video games, giving them more opportunities for exercise. In addition, they learn to concentrate by paying attention to the horse while riding. As a result, schoolwork is improved. Being more focused on their horse and schoolwork, the child is less likely to get into trouble at school and elsewhere.

Leadership Skills

Learning to take the reins and take control of a 1,000-pound animal provides the child with leadership skills. Leadership skills that are useful in other places besides the stables. In order to take control of the horse, one must learn to respect the animal. After learning this, the child will not only respect the horse, but will learn to respect his peers and authority, as well as respect himself.

 How to Compete…win or lose

Kids and their horses can enter competitions. Win or lose, the child will learn how to be competitive. In competing with their equestrian pal, the child will feel accomplished, even if they lose.  Despite the possibility of a loss, learning to lose is very important for a child to learn early in life. 


Selflessness and responsibility come with caring for a horse. Naturally, children are used to others caring for them and taking charge of their responsibilities. However, horses give them an opportunity to learn responsibility and care for something other than themselves. Feeding, cleaning stables and keeping the horse fed, groomed and healthy, will teach the child skills for caring for others that they can use for the rest of their lives. 

To some, it may come as a shock that an animal can provide all of these positive qualities in a child’s life, but if one has ever owned a horse, the happiness that this loving animal can provide knows no limits. Through having a horse, the child is rewarded with a lifelong friend and hobby.