Pro Edge


Comprehensive support for the serious competitor.

Contains Daily Essentials, Digestive Health, Hoof Health, Joint 6-in-1, ULZERless, and Skin & Coat – all in one convenient daily combo pack!

Formula 707 Professional Combo Daily Packs offer comprehensive nutrition in one package

For equine industry professionals seeking top-of-the-line products, Formula 707 Professional Combo Daily Packs offer a comprehensive nutritional solution. These convenient single-serving packs contain a variety of Formula 707 formulations, designed to support the specific needs of horses across a range of ages and performance levels. With 28 packs per package, this product is a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that horses receive the best possible care. Whether you're a trainer, breeder, or veterinarian, or owner, Formula 707 Professional Combo Daily Packs are an excellent choice for horses that require total support for optimal health and performance.


Trusted By the Best

"Formula 707 Professional products sure help keep my horses healthy. I started using products from John Ewing Company a few years ago because of the quality and variety. Thanks John Ewing Company! I have one less worry; my horse’s health.”

-Sabra O'Quinn

“We incorporate Formula 707 Professional supplements into our program because they make it easy to provide our horses with great nutrition... It contains everything our horses need to be at their best and win!”

-Wes Giles, Giles Racing

““We are so amazed with the results we have seen in our horses performance and conditioning since starting with Formula 707 Professional.”

-Paul Rohrbach, Wells Bridge Farm