It’s Time to Break Up with Winter!

I need to “break-up” with winter…..

“It’s not you it’s me, I think time apart might make us appreciate each other more, we can totally still be friends, I feel like we are just holding each other down”

Whatever line you choose, winter has got to go! I know I live in the Mecca of Winter in Southwest Colorado and people all over the country pay a lot of money every year to come here to ski, sled, skate and a whole host of other activities that probably start with “S” but frankly, I am so over it.

There are people out there who are going to be all “It is so beautiful”, “We need the moisture”, or “Remember this in July when it’s too hot”. Those people most likely do not have to look into the eyes of their best friend/ rope horse everyday and try to make her understand why we can’t ride that day because the arena is frozen and that we better leave blankets on because it’s only going to be 20 degrees. Those people probably do not have to turn the heaters on and start a fire in the shop just so that they can rope the dummy for a few hours every day. Not only that but they have no idea how quickly a hard a concrete shop floor will wear out a rope!!  I hate to come off as negative but seriously… enough is enough.

For the last couple years it has been a touchy subject around our house why we choose to stay here and do not simply move to Arizona for the winter. My parents make the lame arguments like “we have jobs” and “we can’t just pack up and move”. Well can’t means won’t in my book! So I guess I am on my own on this and I have one more winter to get through before I am off to college and picking the right place is really tough. One idea I had was to send a picture of a set of show chains to the recruiter and the first one to ask what they were is where I would go! (Sorry University of North Dakota)

Anyway…. Winter, I am sorry it didn’t work out between us and I am sure that you will find someone that will love you for what you are. That person is just not me.  When I remember you from my future home in Stephenville or Tucson, Las Cruces or Phoenix, hopefully then I will appreciate your beauty and someday grow to miss you.

P.S. You probably owe me a few ropes!

Thanks for reading…