Help Take the Edge off Anxious, Unruly, and/or Moody Horses

Formula 707 Calming Pellets

Help Take the Edge off Anxious, Unruly, and/or Moody Horses

Formula 707 Calming Pellets

The Quickest Way to a Calmer-Minded Horse

Take control of your horse's behavior with our show-safe pellets. Whether you have a mare-ish mare, or a horse with too much spook, this best-selling supplement is a comprehensive way to help take that unmanageable "edge" off.


Setting Your Horse Up for Success

While other calming supplements take a singular ingredient approach, we're proud to offer a potent, well-rounded supplement.

Like all our supplements, Calming is house-crafted in our manufacturing facility in La Salle, Colorado where our team oversees all aspects of quality, purity, and potency.
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Thiamine (B1)

Supplementing Thiamine helps specifically with nervousness, especially for horses with high energy. It also plays an important role in nervous system balance, as it helps with the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

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We use premium quality magnesium oxide, which maximizes bioavailability and efficacy. Many horses are deficient in magnesium levels, with common signs such as muscle tremors, a lusterless hair coat and intolerance to work or exercise.

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After absorbing L-Tryptophan, the body converts a portion into seratonin, which can help regulate a horse's mood and decrease anxiety.

What makes Formula 707 Calming better than other solutions for anxious horses?

1. Triple-Action Approach

Other supplements focus on one ingredient to address a horse's anxiety. Formula 707 Calming provides substantial quantities of three ingredients that work synergestically together to promote relaxation.

2. Not a Sedative

Our pellets allow you to continue training as normal, with your horse retaining alertness and manageable energy. Calming works to take the edge off.


3. Show Safe

You can continue giving Formula 707 Calming pellets to your horse leading up to, and through the duration of a competition. Our customers show in a variety of disciplines and federation, and you can be assured that from the hunter ring to the racetrack, Calming pellets will not test.

4. Made In-House

Our pellets are produced in our own facility, and have been for decades. We're able to oversee every part of the manufacturing process to ensure your horse is getting the highest quality pellet. Best of all, while other companies spend extra money on having someone else manufacture for them, we're able to pass those savings along to you.


Calming Pellets

We created Formula 707 Calming Pellets to help horse owners with horses that are anxious, moody, or just a little nervous at shows take the edge off. Calming Pellets are not a sedative, which means that your horse will be just as responsive as before - but less reactive.
Here's the part you'll love, especially if you understand the importance of feeding quality supplements:
Our Calming Pellets contain potent quantities of three scientifically-proven active ingredients. You can be assured that your horse is getting what he needs to succeed. Best of all, if you're not satisfied with the results, we'll gladly make it right with our 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Made with Magnesium, L-Tryptophan, and Thiamine

Palatable pellets that are easier to feed than powders

See full results in as little as 2 weeks of feeding

Made in Colorado

Certified by the National Animal Supplement Council


Helps horses focus on training

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Stock Up to Save $

Feeding consistently creates the best results for your horse

Calming pellets work best when given to your horse daily. Now is the perfect time to stock up on product to save more!

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Not sure if it's right for your horse?

Our first priority is your horse. If you aren't satisfied with your horse's results on our product, simply reach out to us within 90 days of purchase, and we will gladly refund your purchase.

Frequently asked questions:

Can this be used daily?

Yes - Formula 707 Calming Pellets are safe to use on a continuous basis. Continuous administration is actually recommended, as it ensures that your horse maintains a calm disposition, rather than oscillating between levels of stress. For more intermittent and situation-induced anxiety, try our Formula 707 Calming Paste.

Can Calming Pellets be fed in conjunction with Calming Paste?

Yes - Paste and pellets can be administered simultaneously. We recommend providing the pellets on a continual basis, and supplementing with the fast-acting paste as necessary (i.e. when traveling, competing, etc.).

Does this product help with ulcers?

No - this product is not designed to help with ulcers. We'd recommend checking out ULZERless Pellets if your horse may be experiencing issues with ulcers.

Does this product help with sassy mares?

Yes - many mare owners see great results by feeding Calming. The three active ingredients take a well-rounded approach to mare-ish behaviors, while other supplements marketed towards mares only contain one active ingredient.

Will this help a buddy sour horse relax?

Yes, this should help the anxiety and lack of ability to focus of a horse that is buddy sour. If you have specific circumstances (i.e. a show or clinic) where your horse may be alone, you are more than welcome to double the daily recommended serving the day before and day of for increased efficacy.

Can I use this product during horse shows?

Yes - this product is show-safe! The active ingredients in this product are permitted in all federations.

What if it doesn't work for me?

While we are confident in our formulas, we understand that not every horse may respond in the same way to supplementation. We offer a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply reach out to us, and we'll be happy to make it right.