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Our Hoof Health formula is made of a balanced mix of key ingredients in a highly palatable pellet.


Easily Absorbed

Our formula's proteinated minerals allow for better absorption.


High Quality

We only choose the best ingredients for our Hoof Health supplements, with high potency that produce the best results.

Made in Colorado, Since 1946

We've been making animal health products out of our location in La Salle, Colorado, since 1946. Our founder, John Ewing, was one of the pioneers in the equine supplement industry. Since then, we've continued on his legacy of supporting horses with the highest quality offerings on the market.

Our Hoof Health pellets are no exception. We've made sure that we provide the most complete nutritional offering to support all facets of a horse's hoof health, while also providing benefits for skin and coat. Whether you'd prefer to buy them in bulk, or use our convenient Daily Fresh Packs for easy feeding - you can rest assured that your horse is getting the vital nutrients they need to grow thick and healthy hooves.