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Care Tips for Horses and Hot Weather Conditions

Summer is the perfect time to own a horse. The show and competition circuit are in full swing. Farms and ranches teem with activity. Long, sunlit days lend themselves to lazy trail rides. But summer’s hot weather and high humidity pose serious health risks for most horses and ponies. Luckily, there are simple ways to…

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How to Calm Your Anxious and Nervous Horses

Being able to calm nervous horses down is a vital skill for a rider to develop.  Horses, as prey animals, are prone to nervousness and acute startle responses. Their emotional responses are often a result of external stimuli from their surroundings, but are also affected by the emotions of their rider. Our equine friends are…

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10 Tips for Boarding Your Horse | Part 2

This is a continuation of another blog post that can be found by clicking here. What to look for when deciding where to keep my horses. If you are looking for to board your horse, here are some considerations: 5. Cleanliness: A clean facility will make your time there enjoyable. Good overall cleanliness is a sign…

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