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Are You Supplementing for Summer Sweating?

What Happens When a Horse Sweats This time of year all over the country temperatures are high, and horses are sweating under the extreme conditions. When a horse sweats excessively,  especially during exercise, a special protein called latherin causes lathering. This protein facilitates the flow of liquid to effect evaporation of sweat for a horse. This…

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A Basic Guide to Grooming Your Horse

A horse with a slick, glossy coat can turn heads. A slick coat is what makes a horse look happy and healthy. That’s why it’s helpful for you to master some horse grooming tricks even if you never plan to show your horse. This post will provide you with a few basic grooming tips to…

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Get in the Groove and Move!

I had the vet out recently to take care of a serious wound on my 3 year old and to clean a swollen sheath on an old gelding. She has been on many colic calls recently and she attributed much of the colic to lack of movement. We got to chatting about how horses are…

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