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Lameness in Horses: Causes, Detection, and Treatments (

Lameness in Horses: Causes, Detection, and Treatments

There is no one specific underlying reason for lameness to occur in a horse. It occurs in all breeds, sizes, confirmations, and disciplines of horses. Reasons for lameness can be anything from pain in the horse or the conditions the horse lives in. The Merck Veterinary Manual defines lameness as “An abnormal stance or gait…

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6 Ways to Safeguard Your Horse from Laminitis

Laminitis in horses can be a very serious disease that affects the hooves of a horse and can cause lameness in all breeds of horses. Laminitis occurs when there is a cut off of blood flow to the laminae in hooves. Inflammation contributes to the weakening of these laminae and can separate the laminae where…

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How to Keep Horse Hooves Healthy with Good Nutrition

Most horse owners would agree that hoof care is time-consuming. And many would prefer to leave the job of caring for their horse’s hooves to their farrier. But to ensure proper hoof health, there’s a lot more involved than just trimming and shoeing. Factors such as the environment, genetics, and nutrition can have an impact…

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Swishin’, Swatin’ and Sweatin’ – 7 Tips for Surviving the Summer Swelter

Summer in southwest Colorado is normally around 80 degrees each day. This is a great temperature but with the hot sun the heat feels intense. As the mercury tops off, there are several ways to ensure your equine partner is comfortable and time with your horse is more pleasant.   1. Times for Turnout: Flying…

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10 Tips for Boarding Your Horse | Part 2

This is a continuation of another blog post that can be found by clicking here. What to look for when deciding where to keep my horses. If you are looking for to board your horse, here are some considerations: 5. Cleanliness: A clean facility will make your time there enjoyable. Good overall cleanliness is a sign…

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Lameness in Horses: Symptoms, Discovery and Recovery

Lameness is a very common cause of loss of use in horses. A lame horse is either unwilling or unable to stand or move normally. It can be caused by problems in a horse’s bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, brain, circulation, or metabolism. Hopefully, you are not experiencing any of these issues but if you…

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