10 Tips for Boarding Your Horse | Part 2

This is a continuation of another blog post that can be found by clicking here.

What to look for when deciding where to keep my horses. If you are looking for to board your horse, here are some considerations:

5. Cleanliness: A clean facility will make your time there enjoyable. Good overall cleanliness is a sign of good overall horse care. A stable does not have to be fancy or expensive to be clean. If there is manure lying all over or lots of wet areas, it will be unpleasant for you and your horse. Manure, standing mud and wet areas are favorites breeding grounds for flies and mosquitoes.

6. Other Boarders: Boarding stables are where I met some of my best lifetime friends and riding buddies. Let’s face it, if you don’t “click” with other boarders, you may not enjoy time spent with your horse. You want to be able to make friends and trust other boarders so be sure you feel comfortable with the other humans at the facility.

7. Activities: If you are into showing western pleasure, then a hunter jumper barn isn’t going to be the best place for you to get motivated or find support. Be sure the stable you choose is suited for the type of riding you enjoy. If you just want to hang out with your horse or trail ride, you will want to be with people who haul out regularly and are ready to hit the trail.

8. Overall Care: Just because a place is fancy and clean to the point of being sterile, doesn’t mean it is the best place for a horse. I have been at fancy stables where the horses constantly paced in their pens, had regular lameness and were never allowed to have fun and just be horses. Great care is not defined by white vinyl fence and fancy barns and pretty landscaping.

9. Trailer Parking: If you have a trailer, be sure to check if there is room to park at the facility and find out if there are extra charges. It is also good to notice if the location is secure or if it is open to theft.

The bottom line is: pick a place where you can have fun and pursue your equine interests.  If it doesn’t seem to be a good fit, don’t be afraid to try a different facility. After all, boarding is expensive so make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Happy Trails from southwest Colorado.